LUBBAD Real Estate

LUBBAD Real Estate is a 2017 modernized diversified real estate investment and management company base on Bahrain.

We offer our clients distinguished array of services, ranging from Property Management, Real Estate Brokerage services, assistance in buying,selling or renting and investment and development consultancy.

Our asset management division overlooks a wide range of properties across residential, commercial, leasehold and freehold areas. We have diversified into related business lines to further build value for our prestigious customers by venturing out into the development of apartment buildings and other development projects.

Our Investment philosophy is to identify and capitalize on emerging real estate trend in growing markets before they become noticed by the broader investment market. Our investment approach is value-oriented, focusing on real estate sectors that will support the growth of Bahrain.

Lubbad Real Estate is a Bahrain trusted in real estate investment.

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